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DPS offers several different types of printing (details below) as well as a wide selection of paper stocks from the top quality paper mills. We also offer design assistance and will work with you to develop the desired image for your firm.

Types of Printing

  • Engraving

    A printing impression made by stamping the paper into inked depression that are etched into a metal plate. The etchings are created with an acid wash first, then hand-tooled with artistic craftsmanship. The precise nature of engraving adds elegance to the final printed surface, bringing out the very best intentions of the artist or designer...

  • Thermography

    Also known as "raised printing". After offset printing, a resin powder is applied to the paper. This powder sticks only to the still tacky ink printed on the paper which is then passed through a heater. The powder fuses to the ink and swells as it's heated, creating raised letters and images. Laser thermography is recommended for use in laser printers...

  • Lithography

    The most common form of printing using a flat surfaced plate which transfers an image onto a rubber blanket then making an impression on the paper...

  • Embossing

    Sculptured dies, similar to those made for engraving, are used to make an impression, but with out ink. Embossing and/or debossing is used when subtle texture is required and can be used on virtually any design...

  • Foil Stamping

    A process that like engraving, uses a die to transfer a smooth foil or pigment coating to the paper, giving a lustrous metallic or colored image...

  • Custom Watermark

    Putting your firm name or logo into the sheet which gives your firm a unique appearance that canít be duplicated by others.